War Zones

Typically, when we Americans think of war zones, we think of far off lands, physical violence, terrorists and/or people groups we often don’t understand.  Since we are not personally affected, physically engaged, or even daily witnesses through news outlets, we tend to become apathetic and/or desensitized to the plight of others.  Most people make the false assumption, based on historical events, that we have not had a war on US soil since the Civil War. But what if I told you we ARE in a war?  Every day. Right here. Right now. It is being waged all around us.  In our fast-paced, First World lives we either forget this and don’t engage, or worse, are oblivious to the battles and war going on.  And these battles affect us personally, even though we can’t physically see them!   Recently, the Lord gave me a vision of a battlefield that was littered